was the first design exercise I created for myself. The idea was simple, make a design for each letter of the alphabet. Although I began with the letter 'A' I quickly started working out of order. Taking prompts like 'x-ray' for the letter 'X' or 'grid' for the letter 'G' helped to make each design unique and to explore and develop different techniques in Illustrator.

Because this first project was a testing ground for ideas and techniques, viewers will find pieces reminiscent of these early designs scattered across other projects.


is the second design exercise I created for myself. The project began as a depository for the witticisms, plays on words, bad jokes, quips, and conjectures which would come to me on my daily dog walks. After realizing that I was not a clever or humorous as I'd like to think I am, I quickly expanded this to include quotations from literature, film, and television.

Like 'Alphabet', this project is a way to practice design techniques and tricks, while including text formatting which was intrinsically impossible in my first exercise.

The title of this piece is itself a play on words which I came up with while walking the dog.


is my gallery for some of the designs and installations I've done with the sign companies where I've worked. These include Shotime Graphics (10/16 - 7/17) and FastSigns North Little Rock (7/17 - present). These jobs have provided me with practical knowledge about the design and production of products to customer specifications. The experience I've gained from my work with these companies has proven instrumental to my development as an designer, artist, and person.

The work in this gallery is organized in chronological order with the most recent work shown first.


Some of these designs have been edited to protect the privacy of the clients for whom they were made.


is the foremost professional ballet company of the State of Arkansas and a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization.

My volunteer work with this organization was almost 3 years in the making. My roommate's father is a ballet dancer and former instructor, and whenever he would stop by he would mention that BA might want some help and that I should volunteer. After hearing this for a few years, it finally dawned on me that this was actually a really good idea. The rest, as they say, is history.



is a "maker-space" which houses a wood and metal shop, laser cutters, 3D printers, CNC routers and much more. There is not a single idea to any of this work, rather this is a collection of work made at a certain location and with the help of the community there.

I've decided to groupall of these projects together because they could not have been made without the equipment and expertise of the Innovation Hub and its staff and members.


is one of the classic design exercises which most graphic artists will, at some point, find themselves making. Though the idea is simply to create a new cover for a work of literature, film or television which already exists, the work is made difficult by the renown of the selected works. This exercise is both a way for me to revisit works which I love, but also is a way to explore works which are unfamiliar to me.


This exercise has proved especially beneficial in learning to express unfamiliar symbols and concepts in a way which is both aesthetic and pertinent to the content of the piece.

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